Power browsing: how to hide images in Apricot

Apricot recently added images to feeds. Images add a lot of information about individual items but they take up a lot of screen real estate. Here’s how to hide the images to scroll faster through a feed.

User Guide

Brian Kent


May 8, 2023

How to enable and disable images

Most content platforms—even podcasts—include an image with each item. I recently enabled Apricot to show these images in feeds because they often add a lot of information about individual items.

Many Reddit posts, for example, are just like “What is this bug?” with an attached photo. Without the image, you have to click and wait for the Reddit page (or app) to load, which takes several seconds. With the image in Apricot, you can decide instantly whether it’s worth your time to click and contribute to the thread.

The problem is that images take up a lot of screen real estate, especially on a phone, which makes it hard to scroll through many items quickly. If you have lots of feeds or feeds with many items, (e.g. HackerNews), it can feel like images just get in the way.

Fortunately, Apricot enables both browsing “modes”. Turn images on or off:

  • Go to the settings page (click the icon in the nav tray)

  • Look for the App Settings section at the top of the page.

  • Check or un-check the box next to the “Show images” line.

That’s it! Happy browsing!